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Asset and Equipment Finance

Asset and Equipment Finance

Asset and Equipment Finance for Australian Businesses

We empower your business to function efficiently by providing

• Access to flexible funds with a quick turnaround time
• The choice to lease or own your assets and equipment
• Finance products that help you preserve working capital
• Business equipment financing when you need it

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At various stages in its life cycle, a growing business will have to upgrade or replace outdated equipment to continue to function efficiently.Having the best equipment with the latest technology can give you a distinct edge over the competition. However, as every owner, manager and CFO knows, there are many barriers to being able to procure the right assets at the right time. The main reasons for this are:

• Declining capital expenditure budgets
• The pace of changing technology

For a business or SME that doesn’t have the budget for capital expenditure, but enjoys a healthy cash flow, equipment finance is a great option. Traditional asset finance products from banks are often not suited to your circumstances or industry. They are limited in what they can loan for and require you to have:

• Up-to-date financial documents
• A strong core business that is considered risk-worthy
• A company that is running profitably

With over 25 years’ experience operating companies across Australia, we know that things aren’t always that straightforward in business. This is why we have partnered with reputable lenders to provide the flexible solutions you’re looking for. So, if you need an experienced asset finance broker to help you with any equipment finance Australia wide, talk to us today.

What Kind of Assets and Equipment can I Finance?

We help companies across Australia with the best deals on commercial assets including commercial and retail fitouts, heavy vehicles, machinery, IT equipment, and computers, boats, trailers, agricultural machinery and more.

Irrespective of your industry, we can deliver financing that works for you.

What Types of Equipment Finance can I Obtain?

There are a number of facilities that are available to you. They include:

How do I Choose the Right Financing Solution?

Our consultants will help you choose the facility that best suits your needs. We will work closely with you to understand the intended use of the machinery/ equipment. Whether you need it for a single project, use of for daily operations will determine the kind of facility you should opt for. We also help you carry out a cost-benefit analysis to help us figure out whether leasing or rental is the better option for you.

What are the Benefits of Equipment Finance?

• You can arrange for up to 100% of financing, often without a down payment and some-times with only a small down payment
• You have access to the latest technology and the best equipment in the market
• You’re able to invest your capital expenditure and cash in other areas of your business
• You can take advantage of technology upgrades and maintenance included in your deal
• You can bundle the costs of the equipment and make a single monthly payment
• The fixed repayment rates are inflation-proof and allow you to budget for the cost of finance

How can Bizsmart Finance Help?

According to research by East & Partners, more than 60% of total equipment financing volume is broker-sourced in Australia today. This is because of the unique advantages of dealing with an experienced broker.

At Bizsmart Finance we have created strong relationships with over 40 trusted lenders, enabling us to get you the best asset finance deals in Australia. Our experienced consultants take the time to understand your needs, budgets and goals so that we’re able to match you with the right financier.

We are vendor independent and are genuinely interested in adding value to your business. We work with your accountant or financial controller and save you the time and stress of coordinating with a dozen lenders to get the right deal.

Preserve your working capital while acquiring the best tools in the market

Contact Bizsmart Finance and gain access to equipment and asset finance facilities that are fast, flexible and suit your business.

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